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Authorization Policy

1. Have your ID and credit card at hand

Your passport, driving license, library or student card, etc. will work as your identity document for authorization purposes.


2. Make the relevant information visible

We only require certain data on your documents to match it with the information from the payment processor. You can hide the other details if you wish. What we will need to see is your full name and the last 4 numbers of your credit card and your full name on your ID.


3. Create digital copies of the two documents

Feel free to use your camera, scanner or a mobile device.


4. Email the pictures to us

You can send the photos to our email address or upload the images to your order.


5. You have now authorized your payment

The following companies also use this type of authorization:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • may request the Customers to authorize their account and the information they provide to protect the buyer, his/her personal data and the payment they are submitting from any kinds of online fraud or identity theft.
  • The authorization procedure was developed in order to eliminate the smallest possibility of online financial crimes and to protect the Customers’ data from unauthorized usage.
  • Account authorization is the process of validating all the information that you are submitting to our website to establish yourself as the rightful owner of the account and the actual cardholder.
  • All our Customers are suggested to authorize their accounts to be sure that their account is authentic and no other person will use it for any purposes without the actual Account Holder’s permission.
  • We require that you authorize your account and contact details because we need to know you are a real person to start doing work for you and to grant you access to our website.
  • Once your account is authorized, you can be 100% sure that all the personal information that you submit to our website is visible only to you and our staff. We do not store or share any data. On the contrary, we protect it after it is authorized.
  • Customers’ accounts have a multi-level authorization process. We make sure you are protected and that all the details you are submitting are real and belong to you. We take orders from rightful Account holders only.
  • The first step is to authorize your email address. When you are registering on our website, you may want to provide us with an existing email address. All the notifications will be sent there. Once you sign up, an email will be sent to your inbox. All you need to do is either follow the link from the email or copy the Authorization Code from the email and paste it into the red EMAIL AUTHORIZATION CODE box in your personal account at
  • Phone authorization is a casual process of connecting your cell phone to your account. Once you click the Authorize My Phone Number button on the website, we will send you another authorization code as an SMS. You may want to type the code in the red box on your personal page at our website and, if submitted correctly, the system will automatically mark your number as authorized. It will allow us to contact you on any urgent matter while we are working on your order.
  • The card-not-present transactions are always a big risk, and your information can get stolen by third parties. helps you to authorize your payment details and prove that you are a real cardholder so that no fraudulent actions can take place.
  • In order to authorize the payment and protect our buyers, we reserve the right to request the Payer to provide his/her national ID, or a school/work ID, or a library card, or a driving license and the credit card which was used for paying for the order. We do not require all the information on the documents and on the card. You can take a picture or scan the documents and black out all the information on them except for your name (if that is an ID). Please hide the first 12 digits of your credit card, leaving the last 4 still visible as well as your name, so that we could check the payment details. Submit those pictures/scans to your personal account by pressing the Upload button on the order page or by emailing them to our email address.
  • We do not store your documents. Once you upload them to our website, you are the only person who can see them. Our Risk department checks them for validity and concurrency with the data you provide and immediately deletes them permanently. It takes no more than 16 hours for the Risk department to check those documents and delete them from our servers. You can be 100% sure that we will never disclose the information you provide to us. Our company’s target is to run the business honestly. Each and every Customer and his information are protected, and your anonymity is our TOP priority.