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How It Works

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Provide us with the details and requirements

The number of pages you should choose depends on the number of words you need in your paper. We define one page to be double-spaced and to contain approximately 275 words (one-inch margins on all sides).

Simply select the number of pages and the spacing in the order form, and you will instantly see the number of words.

It all depends on the deadline you set. We are willing to do the impossible to deliver your paper before the expected time.

The initial deadline is for the first preview (i.e. the first draft) of the paper only. If you would like to have your paper revised, you will need to set a new deadline for every new revision. The countdown until the deadline starts from the moment you pay for your order.

Unfortunately, we only do prepaid work. You have to make a payment before the writer starts working on your order.

The time till the deadline starts counting from the time you pay, and not from the moment you place an order.

If you wish to see samples of our work first, you can find them here.

We cannot possibly scam you because we do not hold your credit card information. We have also helped thousands of clients who have been pleased with how secure they felt.

The payment process is outsourced to a secure payment system, so the information you provide at the checkout does not get to us. We only have your basic information (i. e. name, address, phone number and four last digits of your card). We use this information only for authorization purposes. Read more about our Authorization Policy here.

Submit payment

  • Secure online payment system
  • In some cases your payments will be authorized by phone

The price you pay is for the body of the paper only. References and title page are written for free. Paper formatting according to your requested style (e.g. MLA or APA) is also free of charge.

We need to authorize some orders to make sure that you are the exact person who has proceeded with the payment and not someone who has gained access to your credit card or who is just using your name. Authorizing orders gets more important as the order size increases or the deadline shortens.

Our Risk Department will always help you authorize your order. You can also get help from our Customer Support Representatives. Read more about our Authorization Policy.

The prices are calculated automatically using the calculator from the homepage or the Pricing page. However, we value customers, and that is why we offer a flexible system of discounts and a referral program. Learn more about discounts here.

Track your Order status in your personal account

  • Upload additional materials
  • Interact with Customer Support Representatives or the writer

We employ all kinds of writers, and you can be sure that the writer we assign to your order is a perfect fit. All our writers are professionals whose work still has to pass through our Quality Assurance Department. That’s how you always get only the best.

You can request your paper to be written, for example, in the British or American English when completing the order form. Please be aware of the fact that we cannot guarantee that you will be able to get a writer from a particular country.

We care about your privacy and the privacy of our writers. That is why it is only possible to contact the writer via the messaging system in your personal account (i. e. profile). We ask you to use it as the only way of reaching your author.

Yes, and it is of great help to the writer. The more files you upload, the easier it is for them to deliver a piece of work that meets your expectations.

You can use the Files section in your profile to upload any supplementary materials you like. The system accepts all the major file formats, but if you are having difficulties uploading your file, simply contact our Customer Support Representatives at, and they will do it for you.

We normally ask our customers to upload supplementary materials in either Word or PDF format.

Order is delivered

  • Review the completed order in your profile
  • Approve and download the final version of your paper; or send it for a revision (free of charge!)

The completed paper will be uploaded to your profile, and it is your responsibility to regularly monitor the Files section of your profile for the completed assignment.

You will get an email notification once your paper is delivered.

Every work has to pass through our Quality Assurance Department and be checked for plagiarism using an external plagiarism detector. If the paper is faulty or something is wrong with it, we will never send it to the customer.

After we have checked the work, we upload it to your Control panel where you can review it.

We give you three free revisions with every order.

You can request a revision both before and after approving the completed assignment. If you are requesting a revision after you’ve approved the completed work, you have to go through our Customer Support Representatives and have them open your order for the writer.

After the approval, you have seven days to ask for a revision and fourteen days if your order is bigger than twenty pages.

For more information on when orders are applicable and not applicable for free revisions, please see our Revisions Policy.

If you need proof for your professor or just for yourself, you can order a plagiarism report from us. We use one of the best plagiarism detectors available, and the report itself is saved as a page in the HTML format.
Double-spaced pages: 1-10 pages - $9.99 plus $1 for each additional page.
Single-spaced pages: 1-5 pages - $9.99 plus $2 for each additional page.

You can also order a Turnitin report. We use it in a safe and secure manner, meaning that your paper will be checked but not stored in a database. The price for this option is $29.99.

Before sending papers to you, we scan them for plagiarism using several secure and reliable detectors. If you need a plagiarism report to go with your paper, add Plagiarism report extra in the order form.

Upon request, we can also use Turnitin in a safe way to both check the work and provide a report. We use the website in such a safe way that the paper scanned will not be stored in a database.