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Can You Write My Essay For Me?

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Once you type "write my essay" in a search box and press "Enter," you get a number of results. Almost all of them are related to essay writing services like Fresh Essays. We understand that you may be baffled by this variety of choices, and it must be challenging for you to decide which one to choose.

Let us tell you a bit more about Fresh Essays so that you could make your decision easier. Three simple reasons why you should ask Fresh Essays for help.

1. You Will Get a Fresh Essay

Our mission is reflected in our brand name. Our essays are called "fresh" for several reasons. First, we use the most up-to-date information when completing them. Secondly, we can complete them for you in three hours! Thirdly, they are original and contain fresh perspectives on the old topics. So, when you are sending your "write me an essay" request to us, you can be sure that you'll get the essay of the highest quality in three hours!

2. You Will Feel Safe with Us

If you are going to use our service for the first time, you may feel nervous. However, you shouldn't. Our company has been operating since 2010! Think logically: would the company exist for 11 years if customers were not satisfied with its service? We doubt, do you? Also, you should know that our service offers you the ability to ask for refunds when you are not satisfied with the service.

3. You Will Work with People Who Understand You

Who can understand students better than former students? All of our writers have graduated from higher educational affiliations not so long ago. Most members of our team are under thirty years old. Since they graduated from colleges and universities, academic standards haven't changed, and our writers are aware of them. Also, they possess fresh knowledge in certain spheres, such as history, literature, healthcare, and others. Although our writers are young, all of them have gained experience in writing — this is the obligatory requirement for hiring.

That was a quick overview of our essay writing service. Go on reading if you need more information to make your final decision.

What Other Benefits Will You Get?

  • Plagiarism free papers
  • Up to 3 free revisions
  • 24/7 availability
  • Safety payments
  • Confidentiality

Who Will Write My Essay?

In short, the best academic writers ever! Why do we call them the best? The following factors allow us to do this.

  1. They performed well in college. There are many good writers, but not all of them are familiar with the academic writing style. It means that even if they create engaging poems and short stories, this doesn't mean that they will write a good argumentative paper. We look for writers who used to be students with strong high school and college grades. Due to this fact, we can be sure that you will also get good grades for the papers you order from us.
  2. They are aware of academic standards. After graduation, many things are forgotten because people don't need them anymore. We hire writers who have graduated several years ago to be sure that their knowledge in their field is still strong and that they still are good at academic writing. Are you saying that people with no experience will write my paper? No! Be quick to read the next fact about our writers.
  3. They have practical experience. Though we mentioned that we look for writers who have recently graduated, this doesn't mean that we look for inexperienced writers. Before hiring someone, we make sure that a person gained practical experience in a certain field and writing. We believe that experience is as important as a qualification.
  4. They are tested.. a lot! By testing our writers very thoroughly, we save much time. Our customers' satisfaction is the most important for us. Therefore, we put in much effort to hire writers who will surely meet your needs. You may wonder, "How can you be sure they can write my paper so that I am satisfied?" We check the level of English. Afterward, we check their specific knowledge. Since we often get urgent orders, we need to be sure that our writers are able to write fast. Hence, we always check if they can meet the deadlines.

What Types of Papers Can You Do?

Many students ask us if we can complete an essay of a certain type. We do! Our service can provide you with various kinds of papers. Here are some of them:

  • All types of essays
  • Research papers
  • Articles
  • Term papers
  • Reviews and reports
  • Dissertations
  • Annotated bibliographies
  • Business plans
  • Speeches

If you are not sure whether we can do the type of paper you need, you can use our free inquiry option to find it out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How fast can you write my essay for me?

Three hours. It's the fastest deadline we can offer you. Actually, some papers can be written even faster, such as a 1-page expository essay. We often get inquiries, such as "can you do my essay in one hour?" We could. However, we won't risk providing you with paper that could contain inconsistencies or any other mistakes that writers could make in a rush. Therefore, the tightest deadline we can offer you is three hours.

If any other essay service offers you the ability to get an essay in one hour, don't count on that you'll get high-quality work. The reason is simple — no one can do deep research in less than an hour. So, if someone offers you one-hour written essays, make sure it's unique and is not published anywhere else.

Q: How much should I pay someone to write my essay?

We do encourage our clients to place orders preemptively by establishing low prices for orders that are made two weeks or at least several days before the deadline. You can use our online calculator to find out the price according to your academic level, the number of pages you need, and the deadline. Some students ask, "can you write my essay for cheap?" Our prices start at $10 per page, which is a low price on the market. One more quick tip for you: the earlier you make the order, the cheaper it will be.

Q: If I am going to write my paper myself, can I ask for editing services?

Sure! Writers from Fresh Essays can edit your essay. When placing the order, don't forget to mention that you need editing services instead of writing.

Q: Can you type my essay in MLA, Chicago, APA?

Yes! Our writers are aware of the requirements of all popular academic styles, such as APA, MLA, Chicago, and others. If you need an essay in a style that is not from the list, you should add a comment. For example, "write me an essay in Harvard style."

Q: Will I pay after you write a paper for me?

We work on a prepaid basis. However, you still have no reason to worry because we are using an independent online payment system. What this means for you is that we don't have your financial information. And if any conflict between you and our company arises (which won't be the case), you can apply to the payment system.

Do you need an essay right away? Then do not hesitate to place the order! Fill the order form, call us or type in the chat box "write my essay for me" and our customer support will discuss all the details with you.