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We can literally help you with anything. Even if it is a lab report for a chemistry class, we will find a way to significantly boost your chances of getting a good grade. We have writers for those kinds of assignments as well. See How It Works! For prices, see our Prices page. We offer discounts to our customers. For more information on our discounts, see our Discounts page. You can calculate how much your order is going to cost through the price calculator found on the main page. As for what we offer, everything falls into two categories: writing from scratch and proofreading/editing. We are also particularly proud of our admission essay help, so we sometimes isolate that into a third category.

Writing from scratch

Writing from scratch is the most popular type of our orders. If you do not have enough time for your assignment you can leave the work to us. It is relatively inexpensive, and here are some of the things we do:

WARNING! Special pricing applies to some types of work. See our Prices for more information.

  • Articles do not necessarily have to be written for school. If you need them for other purposes, just use the order form to let us know about it.
  • Annotated bibliographies require a lot of time if you are unfamiliar with this type of work. Some of our writers are known to spend little time and still do a really great job. We charge little, so why not take advantage of that right now?
  • Assignments of any sort and kind! We literally do everything!
  • Business plans are available for business students struggling to organize their ideas and present them professionally.
  • Case studies for natural science and other classes can also be ordered at
  • Coursework can be outsourced too! Your daily assignments, whatever form they may be, are easy for our writers to take on.
  • Creative writing is what you get if you order a piece with a certain level of creativity and original thought.
  • Dissertations by our most qualified writers are good enough for the majority of doctoral students.
  • Essays are written here in big numbers. Join thousands of people who order them!
  • Personal statements require you to complete a specific order form. Special pricing applies.
  • Reports on whatever you like! A report on a speech that you attended? Easy! Just make sure you upload some supporting material so the writer knows what they are writing about.
  • Research papers is the one thing that we have only certain writers to work on. Research paper writers are mostly recent college graduates with strong research backgrounds who don’t mind spending hours exploring the subject before sitting down and writing.
  • Research proposals are for people who struggle with outlining what their research project is about. We’ll make your proposal short, don’t worry!
  • Reviews can be written about anything you like. Don’t forget to attach supplementary materials.
  • Speeches are written only by our top writers, so you know that your speech is going to be successful with any audience.
  • Summaries can be written even on things that require physical presence. You just tell us what is to be summarized, and our writers will do their best. Some supporting materials may be required.
  • Term papers and final projects are important, and we always do our best job with these assignments.
  • Thesis proposals are usually ordered by honors students struggling to find time to write a compact proposal.


IMPORTANT! We do not work with online tests or any online assignments where the user is supposed to log in. We only work with multiple choice and problem solving orders. Special pricing applies, and there is a separate order form for that. Please note that multiple choice tests must have clear options (i.e. A, B, C, D).


When you place an order for proofreading, you cannot expect the writer to rewrite or change the work too much. According to our rules, the writer cannot change more than 30% of your uploaded text. They are only going to proofread it. That is, fix errors and check it for plagiarism and inconsistencies.

If you happen to upload a plagiarized piece, you cannot expect the final product to be unique as the writer is not going to add anything new. They may only implement minor changes like fixing errors and playing with the word order. Therefore, you cannot expect the final product to be drastically different from your upload.

Please note: we take 275 words to equal one page.

Essentially, proofreading is a full check of your paper for plagiarism, errors and inconsistencies. The writer is not going to add anything to your work though, so please don’t try to get our writer to rewrite a plagiarized piece for you. If the work you submit turns out to be plagiarized, we are going to let you know about that, and that you cannot expect the final product to be original.

For the purpose of proofreading and improving your own paper, or after the writer finishes working on it, you can add Editor's Check extra to go with your order and receive a flawless work in the end.

Admission Essays

We pay particular attention and commit extra effort to delivering high-quality admission essays, cover letters, personal statements, etc. We understand how important these kinds of assignments are, and we do our best to have only the best writers work on them.

Just so you know, we’ve already helped plenty of students get into the schools of their dreams. An admission essay from is the single best thing you could get to maximize your chances of getting into a good university.

PowerPoint Presentations

Our PowerPoint presentations cost half the price of essays and other kinds of assignments (writing from scratch orders). If you specifically want the writer to include notes, you will be asked to pay for them at the rate of writing from scratch.