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VIP customer service

Have you asked yourself why people fly business class? That’s simple: they want to relax in their seat knowing that the best professionals will do everything for their trip to be perfect! The same refers to writing: for a reasonable additional fee you can feel like a boss, enjoying the additional possibilities of notifications from the writer via text messages and getting extra fast attention from our Customer Support department. With this feature your order will be given the topmost priority! This option is available for $14.99!
Victoria, Ontario:
“This is the only website I found that has quality VIP customer service. They give you the best essay written by the top writer in no time, plus regular SMS updates about your work. Thumbs up for special treatment at the best price!”
Darrel, Missouri:
“Usually these online services have the lousiest customer service and are completely unreliable but this one did really well. They have this VIP customer service thing which lets you have the best customer service and they keep filling you in on whats going on with your essay. Most efficient and timely service!”

Preferred writer

Customers who have already had some successful experience with our company are often inclined to order their subsequent papers from the same writer. We always do our best to take the customer’s desires into account; therefore, we introduced the “My previous writer” feature. If you are ready to go a step further, we have two paid options allowing you to order from our very best writers. Depending on your goals, you can use either the premium “TOP writer” or the more affordable “Advanced writer” feature – both of them can do a lot to impress your demanding readers!
Deborah, Montreal:
“Great option if you want to have some control over what kind of product you get in the end, just choose the writer you want and you will know the style and substance you will get. I know which writer I prefer for which type of writing!”
Alejandro, Austin:
“I feel so guilty turning in an essay that is shoddy and hastily written over a weekend! With the preferred writer option I can make sure that the considered opinions of an expert have gone into the writing of my essay. I always check this option so that I only turn in an essay that meets my standard.”

Plagiarism report

Plagiarism reports – also known as originality reports – are quite important in serious academic environments. At some point you realize that a simple automated originality check is just not enough – and we can relate to that. This feature, provided with the help of WebCheck, will provide you with detailed document analysis as well as an official proof that your paper is unique. You will be 100% sure that your paper is free of any rewriting! The prices for this option are:
  • single-spaced pages: 1 to 5 pages - $9.99; 6 and more pages - $11.99 plus $2.00 for every page afterwards;
  • double-spaced pages: 1 to 10 pages - $9.99; 11 and more pages - $10.99 plus $1.00 for every page afterwards.
Clint, Cardiff:
“The only safe way to submit an essay is to have someone run a plagiarism check on it beforehand. They use this software called WebCheck to help you find out if there’s any such doubt in your writing at the best price I found yet.”
Mable, San Diego:
“I’m super scared that i will turn in some essay and get the telling off of a lifetime because I broke some plagiarism rule i dont really understand coz those things are so complicated! Thats why this is such a great option because you can be sure there is no weird rule you are breaking without knowing it. SO when in doubt, go for the plagiarism report.”

Abstract page

A good paper deserves a good Abstract page. Do you agree? An Abstract page may be a requirement of your professor or you might need it for publication. However, writing a properly structured concise summary of your paper is usually a hard nut to crack, especially in case of multipage documents. Luckily, you can benefit from the expertise and skills of our writers. They know their ways around requirements of different standards, be it APA, MLA, or any other popular one. So don’t hesitate to order this extra – the price is $14.99!
Janice, Mexico City:
“If you want your essay to look professional then an abstract page is a must. Don’t underestimate the power of a well written abstract, because it could be what makes or breaks you grade. These guys know how to give you a proper abstract so always use this option for extra points.”
Derek, Dublin:
“Such a useful thing, because they never teach you how to write an abstract but they want one in that term paper thats due in a week so theres one more thing to do before you can finally live! I checked this option for my essay on the Romantic poets and got a shiny little abstract page for my essay!!! Gotta love these guys.”

Sources Used

You can even have the materials your writer used to work on your paper. For that, simply request the "Sources used" extra in your personal account for your order. When you order this extra, you get a soft copy of the sources used in .doc/.docx/.pdf or other format. It may also be print screens or images of the pages used. The sources will be uploaded once the order is delivered.

Table of Contents

This extra enables you to get a decent, appropriately structured table of contents for your document. Order a professional looking outline to ensure a better paper.

Editor's Check

Want to make sure your paper is absolutely flawless in terms of English, grammar and formatting? Add this extra to the order in your personal control panel. Once the extra is added, the ultimate price for your order will be recalculated automatically.
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