About Fifth Freedom

The Fifth Freedom Network is a grassroots, cross-disability, consumer organization dedicated to removing the physical and social barriers that often hold people with disabilities hostage to poverty, isolation and underachievement. Our coalition members come together to learn about government processes, disability rights, and state and national legislative change initiatives.

Increasing voter participation among people with disabilities and working with other groups to remove institutional barriers to disability employment, or working to improve home and community based services are typical of the issues we target for change. We bring about change through non-partisan political action, community events and projects, and public issues forums.

Fifth Freedom’s founder and Executive Director is Sheri Caveda.

The primary goal of this Web Site is to support people with disabilities in their efforts to change, for the better, the systems that limit their full community participation. We invite your comments and suggestions. Other advocacy organizations and groups are invited to share information for the Community Calendar, for the News Page, or to request a link to their website.
About Our Name, Fifth Freedom

On the eve of World War II President Roosevelt outlined the four American freedoms we would be fighting for: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Want, and Freedom from Fear. The name Fifth Freedom reflects the desire by people with disabilities to also be free, free to pursue the average activities of community life. The Fifth Freedom is ultimately: Freedom from Exclusion.


Some members are Advocacy Coordination Team leaders or members, (ACT Teams) which work together to network important, time sensitive information about statewide disability issues that need immediate advocacy action. ACT members receive advocacy training and orientation sessions on current issues and topics. To learn more about starting an ACT Team in your community, or to ask a question about Fifth Freedom’s websites, social networking program, or disability news alerts, email Doug using this form. You can also reach Doug at Facebook or Twitter.

Other advocates are sharing information about common issues and concerns, such as Special Education, affordable housing or needed improvements to home and community-based services. To join Fifth Freedom and sign up for email news alerts, use the form here.

To contact the Fifth Freedom office, email Betty using this form.

Fifth Freedom receives funding from contributions, fundraising activities, custom essay writing service and grant writing. The Network was founded with a grant from The Indiana Governor’s Planning Council for People with Disabilities. The Network works in cooperation with other groups such as Partners in Policymaking, The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, the ARC of Indiana, and Centers for Independent Living.